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Exam Plus Explanation and Consent

  • We are committed to providing our patients a medical eye examination. For VSP/Kaiser the benefit provided is a basic eyeglass exam. It does not cover some medical testing that we feel are important in providing comprehensive medical eye care. If you have an HMO or are using your eyeglass benefit such as VSP/Kaiser we want to provide you with the same level of medical care as we provide our PPO and Medicare patients.

    • corneal disease - specular microscopy
    • retinal disease - retinal imaging
    • surface disease - topography
    • refraction and glasses – wavefront testing & prescribing
    • neurological disease – rapdx,
    • hypertension – blood pressure
    The Exam Plus fee is $68.50. “If you are going to spend any money on eye care please use it to sign on for exam plus. This battery of tests gives us the diagnostic tools that are fundamental to good medical care. It truly is our priority.” Dr. Evans.