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Advanced Vision Center for Palm Desert, CA

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We invite our Palm Desert neighbors to visit Evans Eyecare Optometry, where we specialize in treating dry eye syndrome and low vision. Our highly qualified and friendly eye doctors, Dr. Greg Evans and Dr. Stuart Grant, will use the latest diagnostics to perform a detailed eye exam and design tailor-made treatments for every patient.

Dry Eye Treatment Near You

Do you suffer from red, stinging eyes? Are you always rubbing your eyes to clear your blurry vision? These are all symptoms of dry eye syndrome, a common vision condition that can be extremely irritating! One cause of dry eyes is an arid climate, which is why we diagnose many patients from Palm Desert regularly with this problem. (Did you know it is sunny over 350 days a year in Palm Desert?!) Our eye doctor will perform a specialized eye exam to figure out the cause of your dry eyes and recommend the most helpful therapies to alleviate your discomfort.

Low Vision Eye Doctor Near You

Everyone deserves the best quality eyesight possible. That’s what is behind our passion for helping to maximize sight for people with Low Vision. When you have some degree of functional vision but cannot see well enough to enjoy your daily activities, you have Low Vision. Our eye doctors will perform a full evaluation of your remaining eyesight to recommend the best low vision aids and rehabilitation strategies. We offer a variety of low vision devices, and we’ll fit every individual with the ideal aids for their lifestyle. Patients from Palm Desert and other surrounding areas are invited to benefit from our compassionate and expert low vision services.

Whether your visual needs are simple or complex, Evans Eyecare Optometry serves everyone from Palm Desert, CA, with exceptional eye and vision care.

What’s There to See in Palm Desert, CA?

Palm Desert is located in the Coachella Valley, slightly to the east of Palm Springs, CA. To share a quirky bit of history about this city – it was first named Old MacDonald Ranch. But in the 1920s, a crop of date palms was planted, and the name was changed to Palm Desert. Nowadays, there is much more to view than palm trees!

See the Scenery

We recommend that all hiking fans spend a day at the Palm Desert Bump-n-Grind Trail, which has a fun list of nicknames – such as the Desert Mirage Trail, Desert Drive Trail, and even Dog Poop Trail. The hike ascends to reveal a stunning view of the Palm Desert region. To get a close-up glimpse of Palm Desert’s animals, the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens are ideal. This zoo and botanical garden can be scorching though, so remember to protect your eyes with a quality pair of sunglasses and bring extra water! And when it’s too hot to stay outdoors, you can appreciate the incredible landscapes of Palm Desert via a windy drive along the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway.

Immerse Yourself in Culture

The Palm Springs Art Museum is a modest-sized art museum that holds its own against some of the best museums in metropolitan centers across America (and it’s free, too!). You can walk amongst the lovely gardens and sculptures of this Palm Desert museum’s grounds, and view a fantastic collection of artworks indoors. For an entertaining night out, pick up tickets for a show at the McCallum Theatre for the Performing Arts, where there is a great vibe and a show calendar booked with many famous performers.

Shoppers and Foodies Delight

The El Paseo Shopping District is a vibrant, high-end outdoor mall packed with over 200 places to shop and eat, with a range of top designer shops and plenty of creamy confections. Some amazing special events are held here regularly too, including jazz concerts and a fashion week. It is a popular Palm Desert venue – a shoppers’ oasis! Looking for a deal in Palm Desert? Explore the merchant stalls of the College of the Desert Street Fair. A fantastic selection of gadgets, food, furniture, housewares, and unique décor are all on display.