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I have worn glasses since 1959, and lived in the Coachella Valley since 1982, so needless to say, I have had some experience with eye care professionals for a very long time! Having gone to several providers locally over the past few decades, none of whom I was ever totally satisfied with; I heard about Dr. Evans. A few years ago, I went for my first eye examination and consultation with Dr. Evans, and I can say in all candor that it was a life changing experience. The quality and quantity of preliminary tests/examinations prior to seeing Dr. Evans himself is the most impressive array I have ever experienced, then you meet the Doctor himself. Compassionate, caring, engaged, accessible, affable, professional, thorough ... this list of superlatives is very long! I had never experienced anything like this before. I was referred for cataract surgery based upon Dr. Evans detailed and thorough examination, and I have returned for my annual examination each year since, and actually look forward to it! If you value being spoken to like a adult who wants to know not only the current condition of one's eyes, but the prognosis, and likely future; if you want to know that state-of-the-art equipment is employed to assess your eyes heath; if you want to leave an examination feeling that all of your questions have been fully answered; if you want to know that your are placing one of your most precious gifts - one's vision - in the hands of a doctor and team that stops at nothing to protect your eyes current and future well-being; then, you want to go see Dr. Evans. Dr. Evans cares for his patients vision for what it is - priceless! This message was also approved by my wife Charlotte (Charli) who is a very satisfied patient of Dr. Evans too. Sincerely yours, Peter C. Roell
3 years ago
- Peter R.
First time being there and staff is very pleasant to work with! Dr Evans made sure to check everything and was thorough. Overall great experience!
3 years ago
- christina w.
Very professional and patient focused staff. I highly recommend Evans Eyecare optometry.Dr. Evans very knowledgeable. Great service.
3 years ago
- Bob W.
The staff always make an effort to be friendly and professional and the quality of my glasses are excellent 100 percent. I am always beyond satisfied and I never go without being asked where did I get my glasses? I would definitely recommend Dr Evan's Eyecare to anyone who is looking for excellent care and exceptional quality!!!
3 years ago
- Jess A.
I have been a patient for numerous years. Dr. Evans gives you his time and expertise to help solve eye problems each and every time I have seen him. His staff is caring and kind. Would highly recommend Dr. Evans!!
3 years ago
- Jennifer C.
Fantastic place .. , front desk staff, friendly , helpful , professional . Eye exam much more thorough and professional than any optometrist I’ve been to in 40 years of wearing glasses . Dr Evans is extremely knowledgeable , friendly and takes time to explain and answer questions. The Opticians particularly Damian , very knowledgeable about frames and types of lenses . Damian was able to give me information that usually only lab people can answer . He was also able to do repairs that were more than a simple adjustment . 40 years of wearing glasses , I’ve lived in several states , been to many optometrist and opticians and Evans is far above all others .
3 years ago
- Rob W.
I have experience with wearing eyeglasses for the past approximate 50 years. When moving to La Quinta, 4 1/2 years ago, I was fortunate to discover Evans Eyecare, following a marginal at best experience at another optical practice. Damien’s ability to make sound recommendations concerning my choice of frames as well as his ability to adjust my frames has been without equal. Another benefit is that Evan’s Eyecare carries Zeiss lenses, which are nothing short of spectacular in terms of clarity, scratch resistance, and the other optical benefits available only through Zeiss.
3 years ago
- Stuart H.